How To Come Up With Ideas for
Unique Zodiac Symbol Tattoos And Create Tattoos That Are Unique To You

Zodiac symbol tattoos do not necessarily need to look a certain way.

Whether you are searching for a tattoo design that represents something unique about you, or you simply want a design that will look awesome, Zodiac symbol tattoos are a classic option.

If you are a good fit with your sign, you may find that a tattoo like this can reveal to the world a lot about the kind of person you are. Whether you are a Leo and proud of it, or a festive Sagittarius who wants all to know that you're where the action is, Zodiac symbol tattoos can be the ideal way to tell the world who you are. Still, making your Zodiac design stand out from the herd might require some more input, so I've outlined some basic astrological symbolism that might be combined as design elements.

These are:

  • The standard Greek hieroglyphics
  • The image symbolizing a sign
  • The Element of a sign (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • The ruling planet of a sign
  • The combination of Moon and Sun signs
  • The corresponding birth flower

Traditional With A Twist

If you are searching the net for a Zodiac tattoo, the most wide spread design you will see will probably be the astrological symbol known from Western Astrology. Designs like these have a certain simple beauty, but many people avoid them simply because they find them too boring. But this need not necessarily be the case at all! For instance, think about how much more interesting the arrow symbol for Sagittarius would be if you incorporated the sign with a design of flames, the element that is connected to that sign. You can drape the sign in fire or you can fill in the line of the image with the colors of a flaming blaze.

Go Elemental!

Combining the symbol with the sign's element is a often used concept found in Zodiac symbol tattoos, and if you are considering putting together your own tattoo, this could be a great source of original material. For instance, Pieces is obviously a water sign, and typically it is shown as two fish swimming in opposite directions. What kind of fish do you find attractive visually and do you feel any association with some kinds of fish? Pieces can be represented by two coy fish, two dolphins (even though, like you, they are mammals, not fish) or even two bloodthirsty piranhas, and each one will create a different image and a different feeling. The motivation here is to look for a motif that will be a representation of how you view the world, and these kinds of details are a good way to achieve just that.

Let Birth Flowers Add Some Color

There is another design element you might want to consider when brainstorming Zodiac symbol tattoos, and that is the concept of birth flowers. In the same way people have birth stones, they also have birth flowers, and including those flowers with your tattoo design can be a great way to move forward. Take a moment to consider how you can include your own birth flower in an Astrological interpretation. For instance, June is divided between Taurus and Gemini, and the birth flower is the rose. Think about how lovely a bull with a wreath of roses might look, or consider two beautiful twins bound with roses or lying in a rose garden.

The Night Sky Emblazoned On Your Shoulder!

Seeing that you are now browsing a Zodiac tattoo website, chances are that you have at least some interest in the stars and how they relate to our life on Earth. With that in mind, consider the possibility of getting the constellation itself on your body. If you are searching for a tattoo that is very subtle, going for stars in the shape of your Zodiac constellation can be a great way to go. Design very simple pin point shaped stars or go for something a bit more dramatic with several colors and a more angular, multi-pointed design. On the other hand, if you want something that is going to cover a lot of skin with color, you can have a night sky emblazoned on your back or your shoulder!

Did You know You Actually Have More Than Just One Star Sign?

If you're looking for a tattoo that will really represent your personal characteristics in depth, you should think about using both your sun sign and your moon sign in your tattoo design. What you would normally call your star sign when reading your glossy magazine horoscope is really just your sun sign. In the opinion of some people, this gives at best only a partial profile of your overall personality. Actually, it is commonly believed that your sun sign is your face outward, whereas it is actually your moon sign that shows you who you really are on the inside! In order to uncover your moon sign, you will not simply use a given range of dates that remains the same year after year, but you now use your precise birth date (year of birth included), and you should not be left aghast if this is completely different from your sun sign. If you could imagine a blend of these signs describing you, why not see if the two Zodiac symbols could be merged? For instance, one combination of Gemini and Taurus could be two athletic twins wrestling a raging bull!

What Planet Rules Your World?

Zodiac signs are as you might know not only linked with stars, but with planets as well. For example, take the crab that symbolizes the Cancer and consider the fact that the moon is strongly associated with that sign. A beautifully detailed moon being held by a crab or somehow incorporated with a crab design might be exactly what you are searching for. Capricorn, the sea goat, can be shown as running across the rings of Saturn, and Leo, the lion, could be shown combined with a sun motif, or with the sun for mane.

Think Before You Ink!

Your tattoo is forever, so when you're searching for that perfect motif that is uniquely put together to represent you, pay careful attention to what styles and elements stand out to you. Your Astrological sign can have great meaning, so take care to choose well. Create a multitude concepts to work from, and when you think you can comfortably improvise and play, then you should at that point have a virtual treasure chest of drafts and concepts for truly unique Zodiac symbol tattoos.

If you're still having problems after this, or if drawing simply isn't your stronger side, check out these professionally done printable Zodiac symbol tattoos by the world's top tattoo artists

They also sell some affordable transfer paper that lets you try out the design as a temporary tattoo before you make it permanent. By simply printing your selected design onto this special paper you can easily transfer the printed image to your skin.

So whether you want to buy a design or use your own, this is a great way to make sure this is the right one for you. Their selection of Zodiac symbol tattoos can be found by going to

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